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Service on Call

When you require service on equipment malfunctions we offer free phone advice or a call out with a scaled fee depending on the urgency of the requirement. Our service technicians are available during weekly business hours at lowest rates.

Regular Preventative Service Program

A preventative service program includes regular servicing and maintenance to make sure your equipment is kept running reliably with a lesser chance of failure. Our service technicians are available to your venue for regular preventive maintenance checks and testing.

This includes the testing of:

  • Individual Speakers adnd Amplifiers
  • TV Screens and Channel feeds
  • DJ and Band Sound Equipment
  • Lighting Fixtures and Control

Cleaning of:

  • Amplifier Vents
  • Mixers and Faders
  • DJ and Mixing Consoles
  • AV Cooling Fans and Vents
  • Lighting Control Desks
  • Foxtel and FTA boxes

As advanced and great as today’s technology is, it is still susceptible to failure.
With a Preventative Service Program in place in your venue you can have peace of mind your AV equipment is running the best it possibly can and where possible our technicians can anticipate faults or future problems.

Call to discuss a tailored program for your venue