The Empire Hotel

“The Empire Strikes Back 2007”

In October 2006 Avsound were commissioned by the Empire Hotel, Annandale, to design and construct a State of the Art integrated Audio Visual System. Recently acquired by the 'The Ferros Group', a system was requested to be functional in respect to the re-design of the internal layout of the hotel and additional courtyard. Also, to best suit the revamped main Entertainment lounge to take advantage of the existing Klipsch PA system that had previously been installed, primarily for Blues bands and Retro Rockabilly/Ska nights. 

The Vision System

At the heart of the vision system is a Kramer 8 in and 8 out component switcher. This was used to send selected video source inputs such as DST boxes, Foxtel and DVD players to various destinations throughout the hotel. These destinations are to a number of Samsung Plasma screens of varying sizes and a Panasonic PT-D5500E 5K lumen projector. The Projector is ideal for watching sporting events in the middle of the afternoon even in high ambient light conditions.

The Audio

Complementing the plant wide vision system is the plant wide audio system that predominantly is used as a BGM system playing Night Life ™ content with enough power to suit any event that requires a big round foreground system sound. We achieved this by using JBL Control 29AV’s in the sports bar, Entertainment lounge and JBL Control 25AV’s in the gaming room and in the outdoor courtyard. At the centre of the System is a Bose Control Space DSP router which is network controllable by their CC64 and CC16 remote controls. The control space feeds crown amplifiers rated for the speakers in each zone.  

Audio System

The Speaker System is totally Klipsch. A brand that is highly acclaimed in the US for its purity and efficiency characteristics, meaning it has the ability to provide high out put levels whilst only using relatively small amplifiers. Many Theatres and Cinemas have employed the Klipsch philosophy with great results over the past 60 years. To Avsound this was a great challenge as we would rarely take on a project that would involve re-engineering a second hand PA. Klipsch Pro series (KI) boxes made it easy. While construction of the room was being carried out all the original equipment was completely stripped out of the venue and serviced, including the French hand made PSS amplifiers and the 32ch Yamaha GA3212 console. Included in the service was all sundry items included in the existing inhouse system such as microphones, stage cabling and outboard (Fx) equipment.

 The Main system is 4 x KI 362 Hi Mid boxes, 2 x KP 682 SUBS, 2 x KP302 for infill, 2 x KP302 for FOH fill & 6 Sends of flown Foldback using another 6 x KP 302. In order to provide the correct speaker management and protection facilities to the system Avsound specified a BSS Green Light to handle time alignment, x over settings and soft limiting for speaker protection.
The original stage position was moved from the west wall of the room to the southern wall and the overall ceiling height was lowered considerably. 'Fugen Constructions' were excellent in assisting us and built the stage to our specifications and accommodated all our architectural and acoustical requirements when flying the entire speaker system bar the two double 18" subs. A good example of their support was when we requested building the whole stage on compressed rubber and completely isolating the stage from the floor and surrounding walls. This along with sub cabinet enclosures and sub frequency baffles running along the full length of the stage has tightened up the stage sound nicely and also creates a stable performance space for Bands and   Vinyl and CD 'groove-master' DJ's as there is very little bass transference from the stage to the turntables. 'Thanks Fugen'.
Show Lighting

Power was an issue in the Entertainment lounge. We had to provide a solution that was on par with conventional stage lighting that previously consisted of 16 Analog PAR56 LAMPS spread out on 4 channel analog dimmers and controlled via a very simple DMX controller. We were also looking for a more Green solution which, in the future will save the hotel quite a bit in energy savings and help infusing these new energy saving technologies into Hotels and Clubs in the future.

 With assistance from Show Technologies we chose a mix of fixtures, 8 x PAR64's, 2 x GigaLED's and 8 x MultiPar High powered LED lamps to light the stage area. The GigaLED's and PAR64's were hung at the back of stage and MultiPar on the front for added punch. The colour from these LED lights is phenomenal. We also added the new Studio Duo 5 Controller, a very easy to operate and program controller to complement the system as a whole. When more power becomes available as the hotel carries out further renovations in the near future there is another 40 amps on PDS 12 channel WRX dimmers available and another 12 circuits for moving lights. This versatility will complement touring Bands immensely.