Toko Restaurant

Toko is an up market sushi bar aimed to appeal to sushi lovers of all types, and give the customer a sushi conveyor experience like nowhere else. Toko serves up the freshest and best quality sushi and sashimi with a menu completely independent and constructed in house with many signature dishes including lobster inside out rolls.

Incorporating design, lighting, music, a warm friendly service and late night trading hours, Toko has taken the sushi conveyor experience to a whole new level where late night dinners can lounge around relax and enjoy a bottle of red. Toko has two menus available, a sushi and a hot food menu.

The sushi menu consists of 43 different dishes and growing, most of them unique to Toko. The sushi all comes out on the conveyor where patrons simply pick off what they like. The different types of sushi are placed on coloured plates, which represents the prices. The customers then keep the selected plates next to them and are presented the bill at the end of their meal.

The hot food menu consists of a large ranges of entrée sized meals, which include Teriyaki, Grilled Salmon, Soba Duck Soup just to name a few. Toko also offers a catering service consisting of a variey of platters.